There is an enormous literature on nonviolence that is conveniently divided into two categories:

  • Spiritual / philosophical
  • Practical

While most works on nonviolence fall primarily in one of these categories there are of course some that do not.

Gene Sharp is the pre-eminent theorist for the practical approach to nonviolence. His books provide the foundation for the use of nonviolence to overthrow dictators, prevent violent coups, and for making a nation unconquerable with nonviolent defense strategies.

Peter Ackerman has ably documented an explosion of nonviolent movements in the last hundred years, many of which have succeeded in overthrowing vicious tyrants.

The ultimate refuge of those arguing against nonviolence is usually Hitler. Barry Clemson’s novel, Denmark Rising, takes on that argument. The most common response after reading Denmark Rising is “I never realized nonviolence could be so effective”.


The Nonviolent Jesus. Walter Wink

John Dear

Denmark Rising. Barry Clemson

Gene Sharp

Peter Ackerman




Freedom Summer

A force more powerful




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