This page intends to point to those artists working toward new foundational myths. Protest art, street art, guerrilla theatre, etc. is dealt with here.

The role of the arts and artists in people’s movements includes at least this:

Creative Destruction: The arts are crucial in loosening the bonds of our usual ways of thinking and acting. Novels, films, cartoons, and street theatre can all help shake us out of our accustomed ruts and open new possibilities.This is crucial because it helps us imagine new possibilities … and until we can imagine new possibilities, there is absolutely zero chance of anything changing. Without the poet to point to a new vision, we are mired in our current shackles. This function of the arts is explicated further under the Tools, Methods, Skills tab.

New Foundational Myths. As individuals and societies, we live out of (and are bound by) our foundational myths. Some of the destructive myths currently holding sway within the US include:

  • Humankind is separate and apart from nature.  It is OK to extract whatever resources we want from the land, oceans, and atmosphere and to use the planet as a waste dump. Mankind can not destroy the ecosystem or the farm land and water supplies.
  • Economies can and must grow continuously.
  •  Every other tribe / nation / race is inferior to my tribe/ nation / race and is attempting to take away my privileges and rights. We must unite as a tribe / nation / race to protect ourselves from these inferior and evil others.
  • Only violence can protect us from violence. Walter Wink calls this the “Myth of Redemptive Violence”.

These outmoded myths are leading us right over a cliff of our own making. David Korten’s book title “Change the story, change the future” tells us what must be done. We need new foundational myths. We need better stories that will enable us to move creatively into the future.

Dark Mountain Project

The Dark Mountain Manifesto

New Stories

This section is closely related to the section on Myths and Stories.