This section includes books, videos, and teachers / facilitators for a number of key areas of study. The teachers / facilitators are available to lead either in-person or online seminars, workshops or tutorials.

Teachers and facilitators. Use this tool to find a knowledgable person to help you in your learning. (NOTE: this tool is not yet available … we need some expert help in developing this)

Key subject areas

  • Framing the Message
  • Art and Artists
  • Ecology
  • Energy
  • Economics: understanding the existing economy, the New Economics alternatives
  • Governance: understanding the existing system, possible alternatives
  • History: labor, civil rights, suffregettes, people’s movements of all kinds
  • Myths and stories: Foundational myths, stories we live out of
  • Nonviolence: practical rationale, spiritual/philosophical rationale
  • Organizing: mass movements, big organizing,
  • Spiritual Activism
  • The Science of the Big Picture: Understanding the entire mess, designing effective policies and avoiding catastrophic unintended consequences.
  • Systems

We are just beginning to populate this section and we need content experts in all of these domains. Can you help?