Iteration 1 and the Vision

This blog is restricted to posts about the school.

We expect that it will be useful to provide periodic updates on:

  • New material added to the site
  • Requests for volunteers, both content experts and technical experts to help with the digital platform
  • Feedback on what you, as the user, would like to see on the site in terms of content, capabilities, etc.

The current website is iteration one of a system that we expect will eventually be

  • a comprehenisve source of information, training (ie., skill development), and education (i.e., Personal, emotional, and spiritual development, e.g. gaining in wisdom)  for activists
  • a sophisticated system in which knowledge will be able to seek out those who need it.

In short, our vision is that this website will train, educate, and empower hundreds of thousands of activists who will then transform the US into a global leader in the long struggle for fairness, justice, and equality.

We need your help.


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