I Need Help from Newbies

I can not judge what is needed on this site

I know too much about activism … I’ve probably forgotten more than you, my reader, know …

I’ve spent the last 55 years studying and working at how to be an activist.  I’ve done anti-war, civil rights during Freedom Summer in Mississippi, campus organizing, community development in US inner cities and India. I’ve been physically attacked by the Klan and motorcycle cops, threatened by mobs, and arrested.

I’ve absorbed so much about activism that I can’t even bring to consciousness more than half of it.

All of this means I am a lousy judge of what new activists might need.

If you, dear reader, are relatively new to activism, you could do us a great service:

  • Pick an area of this site and look at it carefully. Study it.
  • Take notes on which parts of it are useful / helpful for you? Which parts are not helpful?
  • If you can articulate why or why not it is helpful, that is even better.
  • Then think about what is not here that you would like to see
  • Finally, tell us a little about yourself, your background and interests.

Ideally you will then post the whole thing in the Forum (under the Feedback tab). Alternatively, you can email your comments to me at barry@citizenactivsts.school.

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