Core Team for the CAS (Citizen Activists School)

The core team currently consists of only two people: myself and Patrick, a professional web developer. This note outlines my current thinking about the help we need to really get CAS up to speed (this will definitely evolve as we learn more, but it seems helpful to put out these initial ideas).

ROLES NEEDED FOR THE Citizen Activists School (CAS)

Content Developers: Almost every one of the existing pages ends with “we need help with the content in this area”. We need content experts, editors, supervisors (to take responsibility for overseeing the work of a small team developing a given content area such as Black history or Role of Art and Artists or Nonviolence)

Content Evaluators: We need people who will look at the site critically and evaluate whether it speaks to brand new activists, to young people, to minorities, to seniors, etc. etc.

Liaisons with Activist Groups: We need folks who already belong to (or want to become involved with) groups such as Indivisible, Sierra club, Black Lives Matter, Immigrant groups, LGBT community etc. etc. etc.

Website Technical Team: web site designers/developers, marketing specialists, etc.

Graphic Designers: making the site visually and emotionally appealing, adding graphics, etc.

Design team for Iteration Two: We need a team to begin now thinking about the final form that the school should take. My vision is that the school should include a website that is the portal to a very sophisticated knowledge management system. This system should include several different ways for an activist to find what they need, including 1) a hierarchical set of categories that would allow one to find desired content, 2) a sophisticated search capability, and 3) the ability of the knowledge to find the user that needed it. This team should include: seasoned activists, a variety of technical experts, and a visionary or two.

Where can you be most helpful and would most enjoy getting involved?

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