USA Ideal vs USA Empire

What is the dark underbelly in our culture that sets the USA apart from the rest of the developed world? The American Ideal is perhaps the noblest of all national ideals and continues to inspire not only US citizens but countless others around the world. And yet … and yet the American Empire is perceived […]


Training for Activists

There are now a host of training / education opportunities for activists, both online and in-person. My website http://citizenactivists.school has brief notes and URL addresses for a dozen or so of these training sites. These training opportunities run the full gamut from one day workshops to university degree programs. I focus on those that are […]


I Need Help from Newbies

I can not judge what is needed on this site I know too much about activism … I’ve probably forgotten more than you, my reader, know … I’ve spent the last 55 years studying and working at how to be an activist.  I’ve done anti-war, civil rights during Freedom Summer in Mississippi, campus organizing, community development in US […]


Core Team for the CAS (Citizen Activists School)

The core team currently consists of only two people: myself and Patrick, a professional web developer. This note outlines my current thinking about the help we need to really get CAS up to speed (this will definitely evolve as we learn more, but it seems helpful to put out these initial ideas). ROLES NEEDED FOR THE Citizen Activists […]


Iteration 1 and the Vision

This blog is restricted to posts about the school. We expect that it will be useful to provide periodic updates on: New material added to the site Requests for volunteers, both content experts and technical experts to help with the digital platform Feedback on what you, as the user, would like to see on the site […]



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